Why You Need A New Garage Door Opener

garage door opener

Having a properly functioning garage door opener is important for any home. However, some might be unaware of the benefits of a newer model and instead rely on their old opener in their day to day. Here are some reasons why a new garage door opener is essential for your home and why making the switch to a new model is the right move.

Ensure the safety of your home and family

The amount of people who could be damaged by garage doors has greatly reduced due to the introduction of photo eyes. These gadgets help ensure that the garage door stops moving when someone or something crosses the beam of light produced by them. However, this technology is only available in models of openers released after 1993. This means that a system that is older might be placing your family in danger of harm.

Keep intruders away

Garage doors are the entry point for most homes, so ensuring that it’s secure is of importance. However, there are many ways older garage doors might be vulnerable to attack from thieves. Some of these include using a fixed code used for older systems, which is notorious for being easy to determine with devices.

New models have the ability to generate a unique code every time the remote is clicked, which means that it is harder for thieves with the technological know-how to break into your home. Today’s models have the ability to generate an almost endless amount of codes, which ensures that your family and belongings are safe.

Quiet operation

Garage door openers are often depicted as being loud when in operation, waking up the entire home or alerting to the arrival of someone. This is due to the chain drive used in older models to open and close the garage door.

Newer models of garage door openers use belt drives or screw drives to reduce the amount of noise that comes out from the system. They are a great option for those who have family members who need to leave home before anyone else and do not wish to wake up the rest of the family.

Battery backup in case of electrical outage

In the event of a power outage, some might be unable to access their garage. Thankfully, new models offer battery backup systems which are able to operate without the need for electricity. While the amount of times it can be used is limited, it does reassure homeowners that they will be able to access their garage without worry during an emergency.

Enhanced integrations with smart devices

With the rise of personal assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, it’s no surprise to see tech savvy homeowners interested in expanding the amount of devices they can control from their phone. New models have the ability to integrate with apps on your phone to control your garage door wherever you are.

Keep Your Garage Door Working At Its Best

Whether you are looking for a new model or are in the market for garage door opener repair services, let Hill Country Overhead Door help you. We offer a wide variety of models and the latest technology to give your home the garage door it needs. Contact us today to learn more!