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The entire process of lifting a garage door begins with this simple connection. You can find the door arm on the back of the door, connected to the rest of the garage.


Much like a train, your garage door needs to stay in line. The tracks of the door make sure it doesn’t wobble from one side to the other.


The trolley is located on the center track. It is a mobile part of the center track that the door arm connects to, allowing for smooth movement on the center track both forward and backward.


The belt pulls the trolley for the garage door, allowing it to open and close. It is connected to the center track and comes in a variety of pulling mechanisms.


Also known as the motor, this is the piece of equipment that lifts the door for you every time you open it. The garage door belt is connected to this, which pulls the arm backwards. 


The garage door torsion spring is what causes the resistance to the door, providing the essential counterbalance. In order to lift the door, an equal amount of pressure needs to be applied.

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