The Standard Garage Door Sizes

Different types of garages have different measurements to accommodate the contents of the garage. In most residential homes, the garage door will only be one of a few universal sizes. Even though most homes are built with standard garage door sizes in mind, it is crucial to carefully measure the size before beginning this project. When it’s time to replace a garage door, it is important to know the facts about such an important purchase.

Single Garage Doors

A single residential garage door is not as common in today’s world as it used to be but they do still exist in some older homes and new construction homes. The standard single garage door size is anywhere from 8×7′ to 10×7. A smaller one car garage is good for storage or for a smaller vehicle while the larger size will comfortably accommodate a larger SUV, van or truck.

Double Garage Doors

Double-car garages are more common for the obvious reason that most families have at least two cars. The measurement for a double car garage will also vary anywhere from 12×7′ to 16×7′. Double garage doors can accommodate two regular size vehicles, such as sedans, mini-vans, or large vehicles.

When planning to purchase a larger vehicle be sure that you know the dimensions of your garage so you can park comfortably or plan storage and still have room to move around.

How to Properly Measure the Garage Door Opening

While it may seem like a simple task, it’s important to correctly measure the garage’s dimensions. Begin by measuring the width of the garage at the widest point, the distance between the right and left sides of the finished opening. Next, measure the height of the garage at the highest point which would be the distance between the floor and the ceiling. It’s also important to make sure there’s enough room for installing the garage door track. At least 5″ is generally required for the track on either side. If it is a two-car garage, the center should be at least 10″.

Different manufacturers will have varying requirements for traditional roll-up doors as well as electric door openers. Also, measure from the opening to the rear wall to make sure there’s room for the track on the ceiling.

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