Garage Maintenance

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How To Warm Up The Inside Of A Cold Garage

A cold garage is fairly common in winter and fall, with the colder months bringing in lower temperatures for your home. Homeowners often respond to this change in weather by turning up the heater, but this solution is less than ideal. The heat often leaks out over time, wasting energy and driving up the energy bill.

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Making Your Garage Energy Efficient

With the winter season fast approaching, it is a great time to begin thinking about winterizing your home. While many people take great care to winterize the interior of their home, one commonly overlooked area of your home that also needs winter protection is your garage. This is especially true if your garage is connected to your home.

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How To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Your driveway and garage area probably take up a significant portion of the front of your home. In fact, most home styles today have driveway and garage areas that take up almost 50% of the area of the home visible from the street. Putting in effort to make this area of your home appealing to neighbors, passersby, and potential home buyers can go a long way.