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These are our most frequently asked questions from our customers. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, or still have more questions after reading the information, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

How do I paint my new garage door?

Overhead Door™ produces a superior covered door product that allows homeowners and builders to significantly upgrade and customize their homes’ appearance. Using the best finish will preserve your investment and will assure that your door remains a low maintenance product that retains its appearance.

Why won’t my garage door close? 

The leading causes of garage door failure and/or replacement include lack of maintenance and being hit by vehicles. A regularly scheduled maintenance appointment for a garage door includes proper lubrication and adjustments to maintain door balance. A properly balanced garage door should be able to be stopped mid-travel without drifting down or up when operated manually. Keeping your garage door properly maintained will help to ensure that it will open and close properly.

How can I adjust and optimize the closing and opening of my garage door operator? 

When we install your garage door, we will ensure the door reverses properly if it comes into contact with an object. You may periodically need to make adjustments to these settings. Allowing one of our trained professionals to make adjustments for you is recommended.

What are the benefits of an insulated garage door? 

A garage door opening represents a large opening in your home’s thermal barrier. Aligned with the tax credit incentives to promote a healthier and more energy-efficient environment, an insulated garage door will help to reduce the amount of outside temperature that enters your garage, thus reducing the amount of energy required to cool or heat your home. Insulated doors also reduce noise from the exterior of your home.

I think I have a broken spring. Can I replace it myself? 

High tension springs can break after years in service or after accidents. Due to the high tension these spring are under, we recommend spring replacement should be performed by trained professionals. Call us today and one of our skilled technicians will get the job done safely and quickly.

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