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Garage Door Keypad Controls Provide Safe, Instant Access

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Garage door keypad controls are one of the best small investments you can make. They give you pushbutton convenience while protecting your home and your loved ones from countless dangers. When you buy these ever-useful products from Overhead Door, you’ll also enjoy low pricing, assured quality, and our legendary customer service.

Light Years Ahead of the Past

Some people worry that criminals will hack into their garage door keypad controls and gain entrance to their home. In the past, this was a well-grounded fear. In fact, gangs of home invaders once cruised neighborhood streets all over America with electronic equipment designed to exploit this vulnerability.

The good news is that those days are forever in the past. Today’s garage door keypad controls include state-of-the art security features that make such tampering impossible. Here’s what we mean:

• Today’s keypads come with rolling PIN features that safeguard your controller from even the most determined hackers. A would-be intruder would have to work his way through 10,000 possible codes to have even a remote shot at invading your home through your garage door keypad controls.

• Modern devices give you the option of changing your PIN any time you like. Even if a wrongdoer learned your code, you can ensure that they will never get to use it, simply by pushing a few buttons.

• Our garage door keypad controls offer plenty of other value-added features. For example, you can give visitors their own PIN that will function for only as long as they’re staying with you. That’s the kind of convenience modern technology affords savvy homeowners like you. Why not take advantage of these benefits by upgrading to an affordable new unit today?

We will happily discuss all the features of garage door keypad controls with you at a time of your convenience. Just call or drop by our San Antonio location. We look forward to speaking with you.

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