Here Are Five Garage Door Pictures to Inspire You

​Every home improvement project starts in the imagination. Looking at photographs can give you options you never knew existed. We proudly present five garage door pictures to kick start the thought process. Each is available from Overhead Door Company of San Antonio.

  1. Here is a typical steel garage door. This is a classic design that will give you year after year of reliable service for an affordable cost. So, if you’re a back-to-basics kind of person, then a steel garage door may be for you.

  2. Here’s the second of our garage door pictures. It shows how a few added features like windows can turn an ordinary-looking garage door into a thing of beauty. We offer value-added options for most of our models. Call or drop by our location today for all the details.

  3. These garage door pictures are from our Courtyard Collection®. These fine-quality products offer the beauty of steel with the appearance of wood, making them the ideal blend of practicality and luxury.

  4. What says quality and beauty more than genuine stained hardwoods? These garage doors can make your house look like one of the great estates of yesteryear. Their interior construction is crafted from high-grade steel, so they’re both gorgeous and durable. What more could you want?

  5. For the ultimate statement, consider our Carriage House® doors. Crafted with loving care by Amish craftsmen, these units are worthy of gracing the finest homes on earth, including yours. There’s no better way to display your impeccable taste than by choosing one of these premium products for your residence.

  6. We hope these five garage door pictures give you an idea of what you’re looking for. Call or visit Overhead Door Company of San Antonio today to find out more or to arrange a free, no-obligation quote. We look forward to hearing from you.